Certificates of Deposit

You have places to go and money to grow, which is why we make opening a Comenity Direct Certificate of Deposit (CD) so simple you can do it in just minutes. It’s also why we offer highly competitive rates. When your CD matures, you’ll have more money to reinvest or to spend creating moments that are meaningful to you.

More is more

Earn competitive rates with a higher degree of liquidity by investing in a series of CDs, called a CD ladder.

CD Highlights


  • $1,500 minimum opening balance
  • FDIC insured§
  • Maximum deposit limit of $1 million per account and $10 million limit per customer


  • Accrued and compounded daily
  • Credited and posted monthly


  • No hidden fees so you save more
  • Free monthly maintenance
  • Free online statements
  • Early withdrawal penalty appliesII
  • $25 per outgoing wire transfer
  • $15 per official check request
  • $5 per paper statement request
  • Auto-renew at maturity or cash out without penalty within the 10-day grace period

Start maximizing your savings in just minutes

  1. Fill out a quick application. Just some basic information and funding details.
  2. Transfer $1500 or more into your account.
  3. Start saving.
When you transfer money into your account from an existing bank your Comenity Direct CD will immediately start earning interest.

Prefer to speak to us directly? Call 1-833-755-4354 and one of our customer care representatives will be happy to help you get started.

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